Monday, October 24, 2011

Love ! Sonal and Rahul


Bright sunny morning. Alarm buzzing.
Not again. Another Monday back to work.
Getting ready eating nothing she always gets late however early she tries to wake up.
Six months of a boring routine job in a multinational firm
She hated that job,yet somehow she coped
She always did manage to pull through. That was her.
Independent yet too emotional not that she cries at the drop of hanky.
But then she really is somewhat reactive well passionate about each and every stuff,more than ready to give a helping hand and a very dependable person.
Sometimes due to this habit of hers she has even worked overtime without any monetary benefits.
That is the corporate world where friendship/ people don’t count .it took her Six months to realize this.

Things have started being normal otherwise her initial months had been a night mare
Though she managed to live alone first time separated by her family, well thrown out.
She had to cut her ties off her parents. Yeah they resented her job and here she was but then.
She never did look back
This was what she had always wanted...and much more eventually she's been working quite hard .Struggling to meet her end's meet!


Magazine publisher Rahul lived life in the fast lane, slowing down only to savor the finer things in life, like good Scotch and hot women. 
Today,Monday He would be taking over this new assignment that is relocating to India. He was being called from New York where he has his base as his father had just suffered another stroke.
Rahul preferred States to India but this time he simply can’t refuse and one of the good reason was but obvious few months of space from Olivia his fiancée.
Olivia was his fiancée as well as his business partner in the Magazine which he had started on his own.
Though like a normal son he was expected to step into the shoes of his father but Rahul was always a rebel.
Rahul’s car stopped at the crossing and just like a flash of lightning he saw her...
Sonal was sitting by the window .She always preferred  looking outside just skimming the whole city as her Volvo passed the Mumbai Streets lost in her own world, headphone plugged to her ears, Music thrumming down her veins

Her gaze rose, taking in the impeccable Italian suit, the crisp white shirt, the extravagantly wide shoulders, the smooth, tan skin…and finally stared up into Rahul’s cool gaze.
There was certainly nothing appealing in his eyes now!
Sonal and Rahul just kept staring at each other. Signal went green and car drove away in a lightning speed.
Now what was that!!
Sonal felt a jolt of electric spark that stranger’s gaze has just ignited
It was not like her but still His eyes had that look it was just so unforgettable
She would never forget this encounter!!
His eyes has been etched in her heart..

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