Sunday, September 4, 2011

Glam Quotient :Saree

Whats your Glam Quotient ?
We mention so much of this phrase in our day to day  discussion while discussing a function/event or now even Sports(the likes of IPL) .
But have we ever wondered whats our glam quotient..I mean Am I feminine enough to enthrall enough of the audience the audience refers to the crowd generally any party or even a function at home...I mean I was kind of wondering Do people stop to look at me and Do girls stare at me enviously when I enter the room..?
Has it ever happened that somewhere a cute looking guy's face has lit all because I had smiled at him...........
Or Has it ever Ever happened that somebody has got so mesmerized by my eyes that he just couldnot look away !
Things like these happen to every girl ,We Indian girls in general are pretty endowed with enough of sensuality and femininity ,Our Traditional Saree can give competition to any short dresses.Even without a glimpse of cleavage We are capable of turning on a guy ,and yeah its not an exaggeration Its the Truth and this Truth is beautiful .
Like our dusky skinned bollywood Divas....

I have fettish for Sarees ,they were and they still remain the ultimate choice .The beauty of India is that we are so different yet so smilar..Cultural Diversity for instance Still the theme remains the same..Even in Sarees .....Our Glam Quotient lies in our Covered Attire...Our Traditional approach towards the dressing and yes Not to Forget  Multiple ways of draping the same Saree..the same 7meters

If we go far east There is a unique way If we Venture a Little West yet another  style of Draping

Well What I felt like Writing is that Saree is our Glam Quotient ,Its the only dress which can make a girl look Complete and Sensual ,All feminine and yeah Ready to Rock and turn the heads ,and the Perfect attire which oozes Confidence plus Makes a Statement...........I have heard from friends that I look awesome in Saree not that I deny but yes Given a chance I would prefer wearing Saree everywhere .........
Thats me :)


  1. thanks for your love on the blog..You are too sweet :).Saree is such an amazing outfit. I am doing a post soon on sarees, though i think yours is better than mine :) And, you absolutely picked the right color for your is always gorgeous.