Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Style of my own~

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Being an engineering graduate, it was never a pre requisite criterion for us to be stylishly dressed.Bitter Truth but that’s how the general perception is, even at home we are considered to be a crowd where we donot pay more weightage to our style of dressing but our examination grades. However since Mumbai is a city of dreams and living in Mumbai for good years exposed me to different people, several interesting and inspiring  individuals and also to my inner self.
I began to perceive things differently and yes started to view myself too as complete individual not just somebody working nine to six five days and feeling content. I evolved as a woman; the transition from geeky girl to a stylish woman was a welcome feeling. Especially when I began receiving compliments and also became comfortable in receiving them.
Being complete as Woman is something very special and on a realization that we all are born unique with our distinct sense of style, it indeed  adds on the perks of being a Woman.
For me now when I am a certified Image consultant, I find “Being Stylish” a rather misunderstood word.
Sense of Style overall includes not only the apparel selection but also the body language combined with smile on the face. You are incomplete when your eyes donot twinkle and you yourself donot feel beautiful.
While with due respect to our tradition, culture and social environment around, an ideal girls’ wardrobe must not be restricted to what is expected for them to wear rather it should be well combination of clothings.Perhaps for me Sari works but then for a cocktail evening I usually prefer an off shoulder  peach color chiffon tube dress. Indian women are blessed with wonderful skin color not pale but rather wheatish, wherein we also have option of selecting apparels made from silk to chiffon to georgette that is easily available. Our traditional Saris are lavishly adorned with silver and Zari.We are also blessed to have several choices when it comes to accessories!
I usually keep my wardrobe handy for every occasion. My ideal wardrobe constitutes of -
·         A plain white shirt with Chinese color, Gucci( blue ) jeans,
·         A sleeveless straight knee length kurti,a black Jeggings
·         The most important -Scarves ( floral print pure chiffons ) in plenty (multiple purpose)
·         Pair of black/ multi color ballerina shoes ( closed toes are advisable to be worn daily)
·         Kancheevaram sarees/plain color chiffon sarees- with stylish blouse
·         Pair of pearl studs and plain white pearl necklace.
·         Ralph Lauren Rose (perfume)
For me Sense of Style is feeling awesome in every way and in any dress be it a Toga style gown I wear in a cocktail party or a Kancheevaram Sari I wear at my cousin’s wedding.

Accessories complete us especially when matched right. I usually advise office goers also to try keeping make up to minimal however a bindi and pearl stud worn with a kurti looks chic, or when wearing western formals, pearl stud with a pearl necklace with the hair tied in bun behind the back along with closed shoes.The thumb rule for being in style always also lies in how presentable you appear overall. With the best brand of dress, if nail enamel/polish is not proper then it is a waste.
For me Style is wearing dresses which makes me feel like a diva at the same time is comfortable and is also not offending others.
(I am a great fan of the character Carries Bradshaw of Sex and the City. Needless to say I usually look at her dresses too at times while planning a special evening  )
Also Fashion is momentary but Style is permanent. Style is a unique Signature of our individuality.
In words of Yves Saint Lauren – Fashions Fade, Style is eternal!