Saturday, January 18, 2014

Love me and the world is mine

Love me and the world is mine.
Take me in your arms kiss me and kiss me more sometimes..
 I will love you forever and ever....
I want you to be closer and closer
The desires stirred...
visions blurred..
 Its only you...and you... and I want more of you...

Friday, January 10, 2014

Up and Down 2014

So New Year 2014 started at Grand Sarovar Premiere,Well I was not partying though.
Alas,there were no champagne flowing,no glasses clicked and no new year kissing.
I am cribbing,aint I ? :P
I usually donot consider myself to be a type who is fussy or just keeps on complaining,however certain things do get on me.
I also am a great human right advocate,I cannot stand people working long hours without food and just serving the people around,It kind of makes me think twice why a service industry like Hotels donot have a fixed working hours and atleast some protocols,Why staff have to do 20 hours non stretch shifts,and where are Human Resources,probabaly sleeping somewhere out there!
Anywhich ways it was fun and atleast I was sitting on a comfortable chair for few hours just stamping the guests as they were showing the voucher.

New Year Reservation desk ! Lol I m looking fat :P


But Now I was kind of getting bored with wearing a plain black gown however I loved it,never would even in my dreams I would choose Black to Start my New year,My year ahead needs to be colourful,hence decided to go a little  daring  ,hence chose Red and Golden for the rest of the 31st Night'2013

Overall Bringing in New year was least fun and I have decided to abstain from any hotel events in the near future.
The only reason I survived that party was that may be in the end something wonderful will happen and I am not complaining.
Love has this effect,you could break in to hell and say yes this is Heaven :)

However one plus point was the ambience,decor and awesome food.

I strongly feel it was value for Money for all the guests who had paid for the party.

Next day January 1st turned out to be a sleepy one,having tossed to and fro in the comfortable hotel bed for some hours I finally fell sleep only to be awaken by phone calls.
People out there were too much interested in wishing me New year,At times I feel everyone loves me :)

I also had pleasure of enjoying New Year brunch at 180 degrees( which is multi cuisine outlet at Grand Sarovar Premiere) and I repeat though I did not pay still Food was excellent,Having tasted most of the items in the menu,I realised it was time to stop! I have gained some additional 5 kgs since January 1st 2014 and I am unable to forgive myself for it..

The next excitement came pretty soon ,in the form of an over night trip to Manori
Manori is a village located on Dharavi Bhet in northern Mumbai, India. It is known for its beach and the Manori Creek.
The nearest station is Malad West.

Nature always appeals to me.I had quite forgotten how the red sun rising on the horizon feels,and the breeze kissing your face is one of the heavenly delights.
I did not sleep whole night ,however was lucky to have a good quality time alone just breathing in and out of the beautiful ,peaceful surrounding.
Amidst the hustle and bustle we forgot to sometimes listen to what Mother Nature says to us.

Also that was my first ever Ferry Ride,(its supposed to be a secret)

After Manori,being back to work also feels good but then at times I wonder are these occasional escapes good or it just adds one the wish list of mine wondering..If I could havetaken more time out or If I had more money to spend on a holiday or things like that...

Figments of Imagination

There is a world out there and I don't belong in there!
However the restless billowing sea beckons at me and I stare stupefied as I slightly push the curtain of that French window sidewards...
Its a dark night but still my eyes could see a flicker of light somewhere distant .
Its an empty lane below still my eyes are waiting,yes it seems as if I too am expecting somebody ,someone I donot even know.
Its one of those trance or may be a dream which has coincided from reality.
Its a thin line between your imagination and the reality around.
At times I wonder who is he ?
Why my dreams are haunted,why the shadow never leaves his face...There is nothing sinister though I can vouch for it but s he still is unseen...