Thursday, April 17, 2014

Being born a girl in an Indian middles class household!

I write this in anger,
I write this in grief,
I write  this in frustration...
and I write this in disappointment!
I write this to tell you boys that how lucky you are that you are born a boy not a girl.
A middle class Indian family ,an educated ,cultured family leaves no stone unturned when it comes to educating their children be it a girl or a boy but the difference begins when you are educated,able to make choice but then that ability is doubted over simply because of a gender bias.
Being a girl you are supposed to get married ,have children ,not to forget that you are constantly reminded of the amount cash to be spent on your impending wedding,dowry to the prospective groom's family and other expenses of the Indian lavish Wedding..
I write this to you young girls who dream,Donot dream ,because if you are to only pieces of the shattered dream would prick your eyes and the result would be tears.Better avoid sheding tears for the dreams woven,dreams where education plays an important role and why not,We become qualified engineers,doctors,successful enterpreneurs but Alas where does it all end..
I write this to express my helplessness,I am not in love with my future husband,I hate that constant chattering of aunts and relatives ,I hate the shopping trips to spend money on useless jewellery which I am never going to wear,if given a choice..
That sinking feeling in the pitt of stomach as the D day comes near..
I am numb with fear,yes I am afraid...
True I am a girl and moreover an Indian Girl..Duty calls but heart bleeds...
Life is teaching me a great lesson indeed..
Hope ! Do I hope that may be I would be rescued ,I would be saved,that I too would  be given a choice..So what that I am a girl,I also am human,I too have a heart,I too have feelings..
Would somebody remind them that what good will it be...!
Sigh...I write this in surrender......

I write this to let the world know that Life is not always a fair ..

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