Saturday, August 18, 2012

Against the tide

So here I am back to square one...Same city  Same I ......Nothing changed..That dream of buying a Louis Vuitton or driving the Audi still remains the dream.I sound so materialistic ,agree I am but then who is not?
Its just that I atleast accept and the worse thing is that my happiness does depend on them,I am currently without any job and by my own choice,So that answers !
I might be materialist ,I might be somebody who prefer only Hidesign purses and Chanel perfume and wears only Zara/Gucci but when it comes to basic Moral I am proud that yet I have not killed it.

I am proud that I am able to walk out on a job that paid me well .....I am extremely proud that I refused to Give in....May be for others it would be a fool hardy decision when you have to got nobody who could support you..I am a risk taker and I am ready.
At this point of time deep down somewhere I have faith.I believe things will work out well,so what if I have to struggle.
I am a little afraid ,Somehow I feel all alone trying to figure out where Now!
Suddenly Life has started asking questions to me,Sitting on the rocks watching the tide smashing against those rocks I somehow feel the same......
So how does things shape up is a mystery......
Moving against Tide,Its my Journey.........which starts!


  1. the decisions we take shape our life.. But that doesn't mean we should refrain from taking risks.. There will always be questions - sometimes from life, sometimes from people, sometimes from our own self.. That's the test of life! Listen to your heart, its always right.. :)