Saturday, March 17, 2012

Summers dressing-Girly and Glam

So Summers are around the corner..Those times of the year when the sun tan becomes a reason to be worried,When every week you need a  de-tan ,Especially when you are  living in the North regions of India..
Nothing can beat the heat is true if it comes to Delhi/Jaipur..Even Mumbai has its own shares of heat strokes!!!!! Humidity adds n to the blunder..
Only tip- Drink lots of water and Dress Light! Anyday Cotton to beat the summer..
Pastels are in these days..
Cute frocks and Cotton flowery print tops,large shirts are ideal for a day time look matched with belts which are floral and colorful and other accessories if you want a little dressy look. Another thing is pairing up jeans with light colored tops

When it comes to footwear flat chappals for this  Summer...There are pleothera of choices available...One can carry a cottn frock with that same air of style plus anyday its just so much comfortable...When matched with right accessories It looks glamorous as well...
My look for this Summer is plain flat cute girly chappals....A really spacious bag so that I can carry bottle of water with me....Hairband to tie up my hair as the heat increases....Few other tits bits to add more fun to the casual cotton look ,and yeah  Not to forget that fuchisia lipstick.......All girly and Glam

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